The GOLDEN Project!

            When Mrs. Ives was talking about a project to help others, I was automatically interested. Without hesitation I found a partner and got to work. We decided to go to nursing homes and teach or play games with the elderly for enjoyment.

   Throughout this project, I have felt somewhat stressed. I have been stressed due to miscommunication getting the project up and started. For example, when we chose our first mentor, there was some miscommunication so we had to find a different mentor. We finally found our permanent mentor for our project, a women named Kristi. Kristi is person that works at the nursing home.

    Another emotion that I was feeling was interested.  I felt interested because I thought that we had a very good idea and it certainly would impact others. I was very interested when I heard that our mentor worked at a certain type of nursing home. At first I had almost no idea that there was more than just one type of nursing home. For example, there are independent nursing homes which is a nursing home that allows the residents there to do things by themselves and workers there would only help if it was needed.       The last emotion that I felt was confident. The reason behind this emotion is because I knew that as long as my partner and I worked at the best of our ability that we would be successful. Throughout working out deadlines and everyone doing their part we have worked out many other ideas as well! For example, we have decided that along with putting up sign-up sheets that we will also put up posters that show advertisement for our idea at the nursing home. This would help to get people more interested.

    Our goal for the end of this is project is to have had at least 20-30 people depending on the size of the nursing home participate. We will accomplish this goal by printing out posters and sign-ups by our November deadline. We would like to do this on November 11th- November 16th. We will go to the nursing homes for around a hour, with assistance from our mentor. When we do this project this is allowing the elderly that are there to have more independence, along with chances to learn more games.



See my Visual Aide for more information.

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