The Lion King Hero!

  Everyone has a hero, to them they might be caring,loving and more!  When I think of a hero I think of my father! He is kind and caring! Sometimes when I think of my dad I think of a cartoon character, Simba, from “The Lion King”! Simba is strong, brave, smart, kind and stubborn! These are all things that I think of when I see my dad. One time, my friends and I were in line for hours waiting for our favorite ride! When all of a sudden, two guys come and got in front of us! I went and got my dad to tell him what had happened! He went up to talk to them and they got in the back of the line! This event reminds me of when in the movie “The Lion King” Simba fights Scar in order to get the pride lands back. During this scene Simba is sticking up for his family! I think that when my father was talking to the men he was stiking up for us! This is why my dad is my hero! Do you think that my dad and the cartoon character, Simba, are alike?

All about Kimberly Hill !

    Have you ever heard of a volleyball player named Kimberly Hill? Well,if you’ve not, she is a amazing volleyball player that plays from a women’s club team. Kimberly was born in Oregon, USA in 1989. She has won many awards such as: a gold medal at the 2014 Championships and Most Valuable Player.

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 Out of all six spots on the court she plays wing spiker. If you do not know what a wing spiker is, it is a player that stands on the right side of the court that keeps defense and spikes the volleyball over to the other opponent team. This is so it makes it hard for the opponents to send the ball back over the net. You may think that being a volleyball player is easy. However, you must train and practice a lot and you must workout a lot as well!  If you are interested in volleyball then, I would check out this website!

  I became very interested in volleyball from watching my friends as well as watching the Olympics! I now play for my school team and for a club team. After doing a lot of research, I became interested in being a outside and middle hitter! I started to look up some tips for being a spiker on websites and I automatically new that was the spot that I wanted to play. I have now played volleyball for three years and I have loved it! I am still becoming more interested in volleyball and players by the minute. Out of all of the player though, I favor Kimberly Hill!

The Accomplishments of The Golden Project

   As you may know from my previous blog posts our ELA class and PBL class (Project-Based-Learning) have teamed up to make a project that is worth 20 percent of our grade. I partnered up with my friend, Meredith, and we got right to work. We are going to nursing homes and having game nights.

We have had so many accomplishments such as designing the layout for our flyers that we need to put up at the nursing homes. Another accomplishment that we have had is communication. During the beginning of our project we had trouble with communication on our part. However, our new mentor, whose name is Mrs. Kristi has made communication easy! These are some accomplishments that we’ve had along the way.

     Our goals for the month of December are to finish and print our sign-up sheets, email back our mentor and work out some dates that we could meet with her. We are working towards these goals very hard, however, the dates are coming fast. My partner and I have been so over whelmed!

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 My partner and I may need to move back some dates, though. We know that as long as the things that definitely need to be done within a set time get done; we will be okay though. I would love to hear some of your advice for our project in the comments!

My Favorite Holidays!

 My top three favorite holidays are Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. These are my top three favorite holidays because there are many festive activities that you can do and more! All of these holidays include family time, as well as, time to spend with your friends.

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  During Christmas there many things that you can play in, warm food, and gifts! During Christmas the majority of my family goes to church. As well as, going to church we also go ice skating and have a festive Christmas dinner. Throughout Christmas there is hardly any time to be bored, you are always doing something! Thanks to my fantastic family, I get to go to different plays almost every year. For example, last year I got the pleasure of going to the “Mamma Mia” play in Cincinnati. We have done this ever since I was 5. It has become a tradition that I look forward to every year.


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   The reason why I enjoy Halloween so much is because you can dress up with your friends, as a group costume or just dress up by yourself. In the previous year, I dressed up as a deck of cards with my friends! One of the things that I enjoy about wearing costumes is making them! Even if you can get your costume at the store, it is still a lot of fun getting to create your own costume. However, it may just be the fact that I consider myself artistic and creative. Although walking around with your friends is fun there is also another advantage of getting YUMMY candy! At the end of the night if you do not like a kind of candy that you like you can switch with the other trick-or-treaters! If you would like to know some costumes that you can wear, click here!


The last holiday that I like is Thanksgiving! Throughout Thanksgiving my family eats honey glazed ham rather than turkey. I get to fill my face with dumplings, pie, and ham! Along with eating awesome food, my family does a game night. We will play games such as “Pie Face” and “Candy Land”. This gives me quality time that I can spend with my family. If you are interested in some games that you can play click here!


These are my top three favorite holidays. I would love to know what your favorite holidays are so, comment!

The GOLDEN Project!

            When Mrs. Ives was talking about a project to help others, I was automatically interested. Without hesitation I found a partner and got to work. We decided to go to nursing homes and teach or play games with the elderly for enjoyment.

   Throughout this project, I have felt somewhat stressed. I have been stressed due to miscommunication getting the project up and started. For example, when we chose our first mentor, there was some miscommunication so we had to find a different mentor. We finally found our permanent mentor for our project, a women named Kristi. Kristi is person that works at the nursing home.

    Another emotion that I was feeling was interested.  I felt interested because I thought that we had a very good idea and it certainly would impact others. I was very interested when I heard that our mentor worked at a certain type of nursing home. At first I had almost no idea that there was more than just one type of nursing home. For example, there are independent nursing homes which is a nursing home that allows the residents there to do things by themselves and workers there would only help if it was needed.       The last emotion that I felt was confident. The reason behind this emotion is because I knew that as long as my partner and I worked at the best of our ability that we would be successful. Throughout working out deadlines and everyone doing their part we have worked out many other ideas as well! For example, we have decided that along with putting up sign-up sheets that we will also put up posters that show advertisement for our idea at the nursing home. This would help to get people more interested.

    Our goal for the end of this is project is to have had at least 20-30 people depending on the size of the nursing home participate. We will accomplish this goal by printing out posters and sign-ups by our November deadline. We would like to do this on November 11th- November 16th. We will go to the nursing homes for around a hour, with assistance from our mentor. When we do this project this is allowing the elderly that are there to have more independence, along with chances to learn more games.



See my Visual Aide for more information.

If I was to be someone else for the day !!!

  Principal for the week!

 Have you ever imagined setting your own rules for the week? Well, I certainly have. If I were to be principal, I would make sure that there was still time throughout the day to  have fun ! For example,  throughout lunch maybe eating in the classroom or even watching a movie. The reason why I would do this is because I believe that even though learning things in schools is very important , there should also be social time through the day. In my opinion , I think that school should be 40 percent social and 60 percent educational.  So,  this is a  happy medium. I know this because as you will get older you are going to need friends that you can depend on. Even though I  would love to make my own rules for the day, there are many hard things about being a principal. You must get permission from the members of the board and I am guessing many more. I don’t know many things about principals based on the fact that I have never actually been a principal. However, if as you get older, and if you take interest in becoming a principal take a look at this web.

 Teacher for the week!

    If I was teacher for the week, I would plan fun and educational activities . Throughout these activities, I would watch the students as they are in their groups. By  doing this,  I would be looking for cooperation and collaboration. When the students are collaborating, they are becoming prepared for future problems or projects that they will need to work on within a group or on a team. If I were to be teacher for a week, I would also take a lot of effort grades. I would do this when I could tell that the student is working very hard. For example, if the paper has a lot work on it or a lot of detail completed, I would give the student extra credit for their effort.  If you would like to know what great things that our amazing teachers do,  I would check out this website.


  As you can see, these are some things that I would do if I was either a principal or a teacher for a week. Thank you for your time.

Who is Vincent van Gogh??

  Have you ever heard of someone named Vincent Van Gogh? Well, if you have not he is a famous painter. He is known for his pieces of artwork. Some of his more well known pieces are “The Starry Night” and “Irises.” Of course he has painted many more pieces.

The reason why I chose Vincent van Gogh to write about is because a lot of times when I draw I often try to draw things that are similar to his pieces of artwork.

  Vincent Van Gogh was born in the 1850’s and past away in the 1890’s. He became known for his work in the 20th century.

  Something that may make you remember Vincent van  Gogh is he cut off his ear. This happened due to a mental illness that he had due to stress. There is another theory about his cut off ear that people believe is more accurate. Some people think he got in a violent fight with one of his well known friends; also a painter named Paul Gauguin.

    Some other interesting about this painter is that shockingly he had a brother with same exact name as him! One of his favorite things that he was passionate about was painting himself and he was born in Holland. The two following websites are some websites you can look at if you are interested with learning more.



Thank you for reading these facts about the painter known as Vincent van Gogh.





The Meaning Behind Time.

 Blog part 1:  After doing further research I discovered that the meaning of attribution means giving credit to someone else who created or posted a picture, video or etc. If you do not put the link or show credit to the person that posted one of those things then, there could be serious consequences that happen; such as the court may prohibit you from using his work in any way without his consent or give the copyright owner your profit as restitution. These are some of the consequences that you may face.

  This is also called plagiarism (usage of writing that does not belong to you however you say that you have ownership over that writing piece). As you know now, not giving  attribution has serious consequences and you should not do it . Some further research that I would consider looking up that you may want to know are  if i choose to commit the crime of not showing attribution the, how many years will I perhaps go to jail ? Hopefully this now known information will help you make sure that while working on projects that include of videos and photos that you will either show the link or etc.


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  Thank you and I hope that you learned some things from my post.

Blog part 2: The Meaning Behind Time.

  Time going by,
it happened so fast ,
although I did have a blast,
even though it went to fast I am still thankful for the past.
  Time can go to slow for people who wait,
however so long for those that will grieve.
Time will go out the window to quick ,
I am thankful for time ,
with my loved ones and friends,
sometimes I want to relive it because it went so fast,
 my family has gone through  times with me though,
even if it is good or bad !
 I have memories of playing with my friends,
having game night and movie nights .

The dog that wanted a home

   In a tiny little village one day there was a litter of puppies that were lying in a box beside the road . There was five gold tinted puppies along with only one coal black and snow white colored one. As the days went through no one adopted that black and white puppy. Until, one day a tiny little girl that was fairly similar to the puppy. She had black hair and was very curious ; judging by the fact that she had came over to even look at the box. Then, to the puppies content the young girl picked up the puppy as he panted the word ” MEOW”!!!!  

Finn - 17 Wochen Soul_Sammy via Compfight

Do you have a idea for the ending well, if you do leave a comment explaining what it is and why?

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The Reason Behind The Avatar

         The reason why I chose this avatar from BuiLD YouR WILD Seld is because that way I get a chance to show some of my creativity and other features of my favorite animal , which is a butterfly. The reason why my favorite animal a butterfly is because of there mostly colorful wings and how they fly very gracefully in the air and as well as everywhere that they go !

Build your wild self

    One reason why I decided to use this website to look up and create a avatar is because they show aspects of some of the different types of animals that I like and enjoy. One of the things that I am highly passionate about is animals or things that involve wild-life. This website in comparison to others has outside of the box ideas, creative objects and other accessories for your avatar. This website give you a plentiful amount of things that you can chose from. You can chose you’r avatars hair, clothing, and wings if you chose to do.

   These are some reasons why I chose my avatar to look this way!

                   Thank you!