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All about Kimberly Hill !

    Have you ever heard of a volleyball player named Kimberly Hill? Well,if you’ve not, she is a amazing volleyball player that plays from a women’s club team. Kimberly was born in Oregon, USA in 1989. She has won many awards such as: a gold medal at the 2014 Championships and Most Valuable Player.

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 Out of all six spots on the court she plays wing spiker. If you do not know what a wing spiker is, it is a player that stands on the right side of the court that keeps defense and spikes the volleyball over to the other opponent team. This is so it makes it hard for the opponents to send the ball back over the net. You may think that being a volleyball player is easy. However, you must train and practice a lot and you must workout a lot as well!  If you are interested in volleyball then, I would check out this website!

  I became very interested in volleyball from watching my friends as well as watching the Olympics! I now play for my school team and for a club team. After doing a lot of research, I became interested in being a outside and middle hitter! I started to look up some tips for being a spiker on websites and I automatically new that was the spot that I wanted to play. I have now played volleyball for three years and I have loved it! I am still becoming more interested in volleyball and players by the minute. Out of all of the player though, I favor Kimberly Hill!

The Accomplishments of The Golden Project

   As you may know from my previous blog posts our ELA class and PBL class (Project-Based-Learning) have teamed up to make a project that is worth 20 percent of our grade. I partnered up with my friend, Meredith, and we got right to work. We are going to nursing homes and having game nights.

We have had so many accomplishments such as designing the layout for our flyers that we need to put up at the nursing homes. Another accomplishment that we have had is communication. During the beginning of our project we had trouble with communication on our part. However, our new mentor, whose name is Mrs. Kristi has made communication easy! These are some accomplishments that we’ve had along the way.

     Our goals for the month of December are to finish and print our sign-up sheets, email back our mentor and work out some dates that we could meet with her. We are working towards these goals very hard, however, the dates are coming fast. My partner and I have been so over whelmed!

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 My partner and I may need to move back some dates, though. We know that as long as the things that definitely need to be done within a set time get done; we will be okay though. I would love to hear some of your advice for our project in the comments!