The Meaning Behind Time.

 Blog part 1:  After doing further research I discovered that the meaning of attribution means giving credit to someone else who created or posted a picture, video or etc. If you do not put the link or show credit to the person that posted one of those things then, there could be serious consequences that happen; such as the court may prohibit you from using his work in any way without his consent or give the copyright owner your profit as restitution. These are some of the consequences that you may face.

  This is also called plagiarism (usage of writing that does not belong to you however you say that you have ownership over that writing piece). As you know now, not giving  attribution has serious consequences and you should not do it . Some further research that I would consider looking up that you may want to know are  if i choose to commit the crime of not showing attribution the, how many years will I perhaps go to jail ? Hopefully this now known information will help you make sure that while working on projects that include of videos and photos that you will either show the link or etc.


I got my picture here

  Thank you and I hope that you learned some things from my post.

Blog part 2: The Meaning Behind Time.

  Time going by,
it happened so fast ,
although I did have a blast,
even though it went to fast I am still thankful for the past.
  Time can go to slow for people who wait,
however so long for those that will grieve.
Time will go out the window to quick ,
I am thankful for time ,
with my loved ones and friends,
sometimes I want to relive it because it went so fast,
 my family has gone through  times with me though,
even if it is good or bad !
 I have memories of playing with my friends,
having game night and movie nights .

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