The Reason Behind The Avatar

         The reason why I chose this avatar from BuiLD YouR WILD Seld is because that way I get a chance to show some of my creativity and other features of my favorite animal , which is a butterfly. The reason why my favorite animal a butterfly is because of there mostly colorful wings and how they fly very gracefully in the air and as well as everywhere that they go !

Build your wild self

    One reason why I decided to use this website to look up and create a avatar is because they show aspects of some of the different types of animals that I like and enjoy. One of the things that I am highly passionate about is animals or things that involve wild-life. This website in comparison to others has outside of the box ideas, creative objects and other accessories for your avatar. This website give you a plentiful amount of things that you can chose from. You can chose you’r avatars hair, clothing, and wings if you chose to do.

   These are some reasons why I chose my avatar to look this way!

                   Thank you! 

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